Seth Taras is a largely self-taught American artist, one of Luerzer’s Archive’s 200 Best Photographers Worldwide and winner of numerous international awards including a Cannes Lion for his brand campaign for The History Channel, “Know Where You Stand,” which has been translated into 30 languages and published in 130 countries.

He was born into a lineage of artists and artisans, including bronze and Macramé sculptors, golden-age cartoonists, interior designers, vacuum repairmen, (and a tailor to the Czar of Russia).

His panoramic pictures are direct prints from original film negatives with no digital alteration and taken largely hand-held.

“Observations” are a collection of thousands of digital photographs of “found” objects created over several years.

His pictures hang in collections around the world.

Art critic, K.O. Jewel, writes about Seth in a recent article:  'When Seth Taras juxtaposed ghostly black and white fragments of our past over snapshots of the present for his worldwide brand campaign Know Where You Stand for the History Channel, the mesmerizing works quickly brought him viral fame and various awards, including the Luezer’s Archive 200 Best Photographers Worldwide Prize. Rightfully so: he not only created a surreal narrative where time collapses, he also reminds us how history will always affect our present.

Furthermore, his mastery of the camera allows him to manipulate vertical and horizontal planes to depict urban landscapes, either brimming with life or deserted, but nonetheless animated by shadows and lights. Beautifully captured buildings, a black and white exciting First Kiss with a Cigar or a lone dog basking in a pool, whatever his subject, his stories are recognizable, yet almost dreamlike due to his nuances and subtlety.'

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